Transportation Management

Gain real time visibility. Automate the movement of freight. Synchronize execution across the transportation network

From providing first 和 last mile logistics solutions to railroads to helping ports increase visibility, Wabtec is transforming the movement of freight.

Wabtec’s RailConnect™ Transportation Management System is the backbone operational 和 inventory management system for railroads – providing first mile, last mile connectivity, increased visibility, 和 automation of day-to-day operations.

港口优化器™, a cloud-based software solution, enhances supply chain performance 和 predictability by delivering real time, data-driven insights through a single customer portal. It helps the supply chain monitor 和 respond to dynamic conditions, align people 和 resources, 和 proactively communicate across functions.


Innovative Analytics

Whether you are a beneficial cargo owner, 一名卡车司机, 托运人, or a railroad operator moving cargo through a l和lord or an operating port, PortOptimizer offers innovative analytics that enable you to reduce cargo congestion, enhance your supply chain performance 和 predictability, manage cargo exceptions, 和 increase your competitiveness.

Port Optimizer offers cleaner, greener modules that enable the port community to use big data to establish greener cargo movements while providing analytics on the environmental impact of available container trips.


Wabtec Digital Intelligence